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How to Keep the Pests Away From Your Garden

There’s nothing worse than spending hours, or even days, outside in your garden preparing it for the more social summer months only to find all of your hard work destroyed by inquisitive animals. Imagine that freshly laid turf, or those blooming flower beds you’ve lovingly cultivated into an array of seasonal colours, dug up and scattered across your Basingstoke lawn. It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? Especially if you’ve put your heart and soul into creating an outdoor space in which to socialise and relax when the weather permits.

We have a few tips that you may find useful.

Landscaping company, Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance provides a full landscaping service to our clients in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, including turf laying, garden fencing installation, garden maintenance and grounds maintenance. With 30+ years’ experience between our knowledgeable and skilled gardeners and groundsmen, our reputation as a reliable and professional company is widely regarded.

How To Get Rid of Garden Pests

There are many options to choose from when attempting to pest-proof your garden without the need for chemicals. As the most common garden pest in the UK tends to be someone else’s pet, a more natural deterrent is advisable.


Cats will go anywhere around your Basingstoke property that’s the width of their whiskers. Landscaping company, Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance’s staff suggest the following:

  • Keep the soil damp without over-watering; cats don’t like the feel of moist earth

  • Grow plants that have a spiny texture, or place rocks and pebbles around your shrubs to make discourage digging

  • Automatic water sprays that detect movement will stop the cats from returning as they abhor water


Puppies are a joy most of the time but their childlike abilities to cause mayhem can be frustrating. They’ll dig and hide things anywhere, destroying all your garden and grounds maintenance in an instant!

  • Sprinkle citrus essential oils around your garden fencing if your dog keeps trying to escape

  • Instead of throwing away the rose stalks after pruning, scatter them around the flower beds

  • Mix two cups of apple cider vinegar with one cup of white vinegar. The smell will keep dogs away but not harm your plants


Capable of multiplying at a vast rate, you need to take action as soon as you see rats or mice in your garden.

  • If using mulch, opt for the wood-chip variety as they can’t nest in it. Talk to us about adding mulch to your lawn as part of our turf laying and garden maintenance services

  • Strong herbal aromas are a popular deterrent as the smell will have rodents running the other way

  • Make sure you clear away any food you’ve left out for your own pets or birds

Installing close board fencing will help keep animals out as access to your lawn or public area will be more difficult. Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance provides a range of garden fencing options to both domestic and commercial clients in Basingstoke.

As a landscaping company, offering complete turf laying, garden and grounds maintenance services, we also have a few suggestions for using a more organic approach to pest control. Why not consider growing some of the following plants in your garden to keep away unwanted animals and insects:

Garlic – Dogs

Lavender - Cats

Lemongrass/Citronella – Flies, Bees and Most Domestic Pets

Mint – Rats and Mice

Peppermint – Wasps

If you require any further tips about keeping unwanted pests away from your Basingstoke property, please contact us. Our landscapers have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your garden stays intact and beautiful naturally.

To find out more about our fencing and garden maintenance services in Basingstoke, call Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance on 01256 536800.
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