Turf Laying and Garden Maintenance in Farnborough
Taking Care of Your Gardening Equipment

Whether you’re new to horticulture, a seasoned gardener, or work for a landscaping company in Farnborough and the surrounding areas, never overlook the importance of taking proper care of your equipment. This is essential if you want your tools to work effectively and last a long time.

At Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance, we take expert care of our machinery and equipment to ensure we provide turf laying, garden fencing, garden maintenance and grounds maintenance services to the highest standard. As such, we know a thing or two about proper equipment care. Contact us to find out more.

The following are some of our landscaping company’s tips to keep your garden equipment in proper working order:

  • Clean off tools after each use but where needed, clean dried-on muck and dirt with a barbeque brush. Obviously use it for gardening use only. If too much mud is stuck to your shovel or spade, for example, they won’t have the ability to dig into soil effectively which will put a physical strain on your efforts

  • Smearing car wax across the blades and hinges of your shears will prevent them from rusting or ceasing up, enabling you to continue pruning and trimming with minimal effort

It goes without saying that you should store all your gardening equipment properly. When carrying out any type of garden and grounds maintenance in Farnborough, such as turf laying, staff at Premier Grounds & Garden maintenance make sure their tools and machinery are dry and stored properly at the end of each day. The same applies to the equipment we use when installing garden fencing.

  • Sand and oil any wooden handles regularly to preserve the timber. Check all bolts and screws are tightened and rust-free

  • Hang as many of your grounds and garden maintenance tools as you can in a dry shed or garage. Leaving them on the ground may cause damage and any potential damp issues will rust the metal fixings

  • Before the gardening season begins after the winter months, sharpen blades so they’re in perfect condition

It’s also vital to sanitise and disinfect your gardening tools in order to avoid spreading disease between plants. As a landscaping company working for a number of clients in Farnborough, this is an essential part of our own equipment’s upkeep.

Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance provides a wide range of landscaping services for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, including turf laying and garden fencing as well as garden and grounds maintenance. For further tips on how to take care of your gardening tools, or if you’re looking for advice or a quotation, please contact us.

To find out more about our turf laying and garden maintenance services in Farnborough, call 01256 536800.
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