Garden Fencing and Grounds Maintenance in Newbury
Making Your Own Fertiliser

Clients who are concerned about their pets, or the environment in general, are less inclined to want chemicals used in their gardens when having work carried out by our landscaping company.

At Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance, we’re happy to listen to our clients’ requirements and we’ll always go that extra mile to ensure we carry out our services in line with their instructions.

We are a leading provider of landscaping services in Newbury and the surrounding areas, offering turf laying, garden fencing, garden maintenance and grounds maintenance services that are unrivalled in the area.


A popular, environmentally safe option is homemade fertiliser. Anyone can make it and there are a variety of choices available so you can easily produce one to suit you and your garden. If you have any questions, please ask us – our landscaping company’s skills and expertise are always on hand here at Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance.


The most common fertiliser is natural compost which can be preparing itself in your garden over the winter months. The best household ingredients are vegetable peelings, discarded fruit, egg shells, coffee grounds, used tea bags. These types of organic materials produce nitrogen, which is essential for a decent fertiliser. Make sure to add citrus peelings to the compost to ward off a variety of pests. Surprisingly, cardboard egg cartons and wine corks are also perfect for homemade compost. Just make sure to cut them into smaller pieces first so they’ll decompose faster.

Garden Waste

Debris like grass cuttings, fallen leaves and plant offcuts can also be added to the compost heap. Alternatively, after mowing your lawn, leave the cuttings where they fall. They’re rich in nitrogen and prevent weeds from spreading. As part of our garden and grounds maintenance services in Newbury, we can leave grass cuttings to work their magic over your lawn naturally, rather than taking them away. We can also leave any wood shavings from garden fencing for your compost.


Fill a quarter of a bucket with a selection of weeds and top up with water. When the liquid has turned brown – which should take up to a fortnight – pour it over your chosen area. If any offcuts are left from the turf laying services we provide at Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance, as part of our landscaping company services, we’ll leave them with you. They’ll be perfect for this natural mixture.

Toiletries & Laundry Items

You’ll be amazed what bathroom products can be spread across your flowerbeds - cotton balls and buds (with wooden sticks), toilet roll tubes, hair, used tissues and nail clippings. In fact, anything that’s organic can be combined and allowed to decompose. Cotton fabric and towels should be cut up into small pieces for composting, and the lint from your tumble dryer can also be added. Just make sure the fibres are all natural. 

The list seems endless; there’s so many items around your house that you can compost for use in your garden with not a chemical in sight. 

At Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance, we’re on hand to offer hints and tips regarding regular or environmentally friendly gardening. For grounds maintenance and turf laying suggestions, our staff have over 30 years’ experience between them to share with our clients in Newbury.

We also provide an excellent garden fencing service, with a selection of boundary options for your domestic, commercial or industrial property.

To find out more about garden fencing and grounds maintenance in Newbury, call Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance on 01256 536800.
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